Matcha is finely ground powder of hand-picked green tea leaves. 

If it were only this easy right? 

Growing and processing the right tea leaves is a very delicate process. It starts on the fields, with the shading process. The tea fields are covered from the sun, making it impossible for the leaves to photosynthesize and this boosts the chlorophyll and L-theanine (an amino-acid) content. 

Once harvested, the plucked leaves are taken to a factory where they are steamed at a very high temperature to stop the fermentation or oxidization process in order to keep the incredible Matcha-green color. The steaming itself only takes 20 seconds, after which the leaves are dried slowly. 

Only the perfect bright green leaves are then selected, the any imperfections are removed. The leaves are graded, after which they are ground in a stone mill to make the extremely fine powder we know as Matcha.

The grinding process takes place in a highly controlled environment. The temperature is cool, consistent and humidity free. The entire process is conducted in the dark, to keep the leaves bright-green and fresh. 

The final Matcha is graded again by an expert tea taster to ensure that the quality is as expected. The ground leaves are then taken to the the packing room where, in darkened conditions the top-grade matcha is vacuum-packed into tins. These tins keep out the light and retain all the freshness of the Matcha. 

How to Matcha